Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shoes and Sarah..

I finally finished up my CJ - What do your Shoes say about you? I really love how it came out! I hope the Ladies in the group will have as much fun working on it as I had! And I hope that I learn more about each of them through their shoes!! What a funny concept huh? Especially from someone who isn't much of a shoe fiend! I like comfort and you'll see that in my book! I'm glad it's off to it's first destination - Kristi!
Work has finally slowed down to a manageable speed! I was able to work at home today, which was awesome since we got snow this morning! If I had waited for the bus, who knows if it would have been on time and how long it would have taken! At least I could sleep in a bit and still get lots done! And the best is I get to do it again tomorrow!
Speaking of snow - it just keeps coming! At least Colorado is not in a drought this year! The mountains are getting it almost every day, which makes for great skiing! Last weekend we spent in Breckenridge and were lucky to get 2 days with some sunshine! On Saturday we went snowshoeing in the morning and had a very lovely time! We weren't able to go too far because we had an appointment, but when we got to a clearing, the view was awesome and there was even a very nice swing for us to enjoy! I'd like to go back to this spot and do some hiking in the summer - it was a great trail! On Sunday we skied and had a great time in the trees, on the bumps, hitting all 4 mountains and getting some much needed sunshine! This coming weekend we are hoping to get to Beaver Creek on Sunday! Can't wait!
In a few weeks I'm going to Chicago for a very quick weekend! I'm excited to spend one day with Marlene shopping and eating Chicago style! And the other day I get to spend with the family! I must write them and make sure they save the date!

Oh, I've been emailing with Sarah lately - she's just started WW and I'm so PROUD of her! She seems very committed to doing this and it showed in her first week - she lost 3 lbs! Nothing is more important that making yourself healthy at a young age! Maybe if I had paid attention more, I would not have had so many problems in my 30's! Hopefully Sarah won't! She has a long way to go, but that's OK because she's going to take this one small step at a time! And I'm going to stay there right by her side!! YOU GO GIRL!!!


Debbie said...

Very cute, I can't wait to see it IRL.

Melissa Craig said...

Very cute! I like it. I love mini books.

Would you please email me? I'd like to send Toni a get well card and I need her address.

toners said...

Good luck Sarah!!

Your CJ looks great! I'll be last to see it IRL though - waaah!

Lisa said...

Very cute & what a great idea for a CJ book.

Nicole said...

The cover of that is adorable! I just love! I am not a shoe person either - comfort or nothing. (In fact I would prefer barefoot)

Hope you'll update with pics as you go.