Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What makes you Happy?

That is the topic of the CJ that I am working on tonight. Hmmm, why does it seem so hard? I'm a pretty happy person most of the time??!! Maybe because I haven't been challenged to a CJ in quite some time?!

So what does make me happy?! Well, I can tell you I am probably the happiest when I am not working but rather outside enjoying God's nature. Whether it be sitting on my deck, in front of the campfire or on top of a mountain, I just love being outside!
  • the fresh air
  • the bright sunshine
  • the birds chirping
  • the occasional plane flying overhead
  • the wildflowers in bloom
  • the rain dripping off the awning of the camper
  • the snow flying around my head

just everything about being outside is wonderful! So guess what I'm going to scrap about? Outside! And the picture I'm going to use is my family happily on top of Mt. Sherman from this past summer! It's really a great picture! I am very proud that we do these things as a family. We are trying so hard to teach Ms. Melanie how important nature is and the world around her! I think she gets it in her own way...

As I sit here continuing to avoid starting my CJ but realizing that this post is helping me anyway, it is continuing to snow. We were only suppose to get 1/2 inch, but I think there is way more than that going on! I get to work from home again tomorrow, so maybe I'll get out there with my camera and try some snow shots - maybe I'll find something as cool as Patti did!! The best part is no long commute to work tomorrow in the aftermath of the snow!

I'll post a few more cards tomorrow after I download them from the camera... too lazy now to do it! Night - Night!


plg said...

L-I-F-E ---- I made each individual letter from different alpha's. The L is a paper mache from Hobby Lobby. The I is a wooden piece I found from Hobby Lobby. The F is a wooden letter from my store & the E is also a wooden letter from my store. I painted each letter & then inked them to age & then I mod podged them to put a bit of gloss & protection for toting them around!
Have fun!

toners said...

Still not a flake of snow up here! Very strange.... :) I love the response for your CJ entry - perfect!