Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's try this again since yesterday my session was abruptly ended by Yahoo and I lost everything I wrote...

Here are the pages (mini book) that I did for my CJ - "What Your Shoes Say About You"! I had so much fun comparing my pathetic shoe collection to my traits that I had to do 2 extra pages! I hope the Seasoned Survivor group has as much fun with it as I did! I think the gals in this group are really pushing the creativity button this time! Some of them are even keeping their theme's a secret! How fun! I hope I can keep up with them!

I am soon to have 4 CJ's in my possession! There has been some problems in the other group with one of the gal's that shipped to me. She had some family disasters prior to Christmas and the book that should have been mailed on January 1st has still yet to arrive. She shipped it last Friday. Then she claims to be shipping the one for February this week but I haven't seen a tracking number on that one yet. Then the one for February that she was suppose to get was also shipped to me - they took her out of the circle. Geez, talk about confusion. And on top of all that, I have Toni's CJ from the other group! Wow, that's a lot a mouth full! I guess I'd better get busy on these, huh?!

We finally went tonight and got our hair cut! I had them take off a few inches off the bottom! I didn't like how it laid under my ski helmet! So off it went! Yeah! I think I like it shoulder length anyway!

I got to work from home today - always a wonderful treat! I get to sleep in an extra hour and I don't have to dress up! I get so much more done too! Too bad the project I worked on today was so deadly boring! I have one more day at home and the it's finally Friday!!!

This weekend we're planning on skiing and snowshoeing! It will be our first trip up to RMHP to snowshoe this winter - I can't wait! I hope its a nice day and we can take some awesome pictures! We're going to try to go to Vail and ski. It will be my first time there this year - I hope to get back to the Blue Sky Basin for some good bowl skiing! I just hope it's not ICE COLD!!


plg said...

Very - Very cute - I can't wait to see it IRL. Since I'll be one of the last ones to get it, maybe by then I'll be able to wear fun shoes again!!!

toners said...

Looks way cool!! I think we should have a contest for "most pitiful shoe collection" - because I'd win hands-down (or feet-down?)!!