Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Is it over yet??

The holidays? The stress of work??

Well, yes on the holidays although it will be several more days before any of the decorations are taken down here! I don't want to start a new mess until I'm ready to get it all done and when will I have the time for that - that's anyone's guess!!

The stress of work... no! I'm hoping by middle of next week, things may be calmer where I can breath! It wasn't pretty today and I'm glad I just made it through. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

We had a fabulous long 4 day weekend up in the mountains (despite having to work all day on Sunday)! It was mighty cold though and we only skied 2 out of 4 days (boo hoo)! We just couldn't bring ourselves to go out in the NEGATIVE 11 degree temperatures yesterday! That is just insane! It's not much fun either! One run... warm up... another run... warm up again! We only made it til 10 p.m. MST on New Years Eve! We figured it was midnight SOMEWHERE! My brother rang at 11:10 our time but I couldn't get to the phone so I let it go into voice mail. Nice that he thinks of us... even though we are party poopers!

While I was up there, I finished up my challenge pages - that felt good! I still have a CJ to complete and send to Toni! Hmmm...


toners said...

It's OK - we were party poopers too! Glad you enjoyed the break :)

KATHRYN said...

Happy New Year! Ed called me too and I also let it go to voice mail. We went bowling with Emerson's family (Cindy, Phil, Jim, Mom and Emerson, Mike (his dad), Mary (his mom), Rick and Mona (aunt & uncle), Isabel (cousin), Roger (another uncle) and Max a friend from SC). Home by 10:00. Kids stayed up, I went to sleep. They woke me at 11:50 and I toasted in the new year and went back to bed! Guess I'm a party pooper once in a while too!