Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Challenge complete!

Well I finished up my B&W pages on Sunday and got them in the mail to MI and CA today! Whew... glad that's done! (It was fun, used my creativity, but took longer than I had hoped!) I did different pages for everyone and then forgot to take pictures!!! Oh well, at least I still had the one I saved for Toni to photograph! This one is the only one I did not use a flower on! Instead I painted and glittered a chipboard that Toni had given me awhile back! I like the look but a punch of color would be nice too! And I'm not too fond of the glitter process! Boy is that messy and now I have glitter flakes everywhere!
After the cleaning ladies come tomorrow we'll finish decorating for the holidays! That may be backwards but I'm too tired to do it tonight anymore! For some reason I'm really excited this year... not sure why! I've barely begun my shopping, in fact not even sure what to buy anyone! And then there's sending out the cards... oh writing the letter first! And who can forget the present wrapping! That's what X-mas Eve is for right? Oh the holidays... love them!! I am enjoying all the lights in the neighborhood! Hope the hubby joins in on the fun! Our moose need to get out of the basement!!!
Off to create....


plg said...

I'm getting excited too! It's been a long, long time since I've looked forward to Christmas, but this year I am!
Happy holidays and hope they are everything you dream of and wish for!

toners said...

Love it!! So....will the moose be out when we come down?