Saturday, April 24, 2010

As promised

Here is the LO that I completed on my knee surgery. Let me know if you think it needs anything else on it. The text reads...

#18 Eliminate the pain in my left knee
Despite the recommendation not to fall when I’m skiing, unfortunately I do it a lot! In November 2005, on the first day of our ski season, I took a fall at Beaver Creek and pulled something in my left knee. I managed to ski down the mountain, took a day off and then kept skiing the rest of the season in moderate pain. In fact, I skied 2 more seasons before in early 2008 I finally decided to have what I thought was a meniscus repair and ended up being an ACL repair as well. 6 weeks of recovery turned into 8 or 9 months, but I didn’t let it stop me. 1 week after surgery I was in full brace climbing up Castle Rock; 2 weeks after surgery I climbed the Fire Tower; about 5 weeks after surgery, still in full leg brace I was climbing the rocks in Moab; and just 2 months after surgery I climbed up Mt. Yale, our toughest mountain climb to date!

So, we were blessed with about a foot of snow in Castle Rock yesterday! It was that really wet, heavy stuff! As I said, the day was wild - it rained, sleeted, snowed and even the sun came out at one point! Up by the office there was no accumulation, however as you crossed over Surrey Ridge, it changed to winter again! Even the kids got sent home from school early! It continued to rain/snow throughout the night, however there was no more accumulation to speak of. Much of it melted today and hopefully the rest will go tomorrow. They're calling for more tomorrow night - we'll see if they're right! Did I mention, I done with snow already???!!!

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