Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spending Freeze or Spending Spree?

How long have you gone without purchasing any scrapbook supplies?

I have been on a spending freeze for scrapbook supplies since the beginning of November and except for buying some glue dots, I have purchased NO new supplies! Everything I've created has been from my stash! I'm really proud that I've used up so much of my stash, but I'm also beginning to have withdrawals! I'd like a few new sheets of pattern paper to choose from, maybe a few new stamps and one more page border punch! But since I haven't spent any money, and I'm still broke, I think when I finally get my day at Archiver's on Saturday for my birthday, I'll be very frugal at what I do buy! I'm guessing that's a good thing!! Oh, I have my 30% off coupon for one expensive item! I'll let you know what I end up picking up!

The card above is something I made a while back and is very simple, but I'm liking the white and black right now. Maybe I'll pick up some more of that color (or lack of) paper this weekend!!!

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