Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Ranining, It's Snowing...

and this poor lady has to go to work... wah!

Weather in Colorado in April is fun! Yesterday we had a tornado warning at the office. The company choose to evacuate from the (top) 14th floor and we all headed to the basement garage for about 30 minutes. Eventually we got the all clear and our "recess" was over! On he way home last night, it didn't start pouring until I got off the bus to meet Dan and then it came down in buckets! I woke up really early this morning to hear more rain, but before we left for work at 6:25 it was SNOWING!!! We had about 1/4" and it was that wet, heavy, slushy stuff! But as we drove North up to Denver, the snow turned back to rain and it's just wet, damp and miserable here. I wish I would have called in sick on a day like this!

This has been a busy week at our house. Melanie has been busy at school every night preparing for opening night of the "Steel Magnolia's" play. She is in charge of costumes and must remain backstage to assist the actresses with their costumes. Last night was opening night and she said all went well on her end and the girls only forgot a few lines. There will be 2 more performances next week. I think she's really enjoying herself.

Last night Dan and I discussed our next trip to Asia. We think it will be China, but are still considering some other countries. We really wanted to go to Thailand originally however with all the problems there right now, it's out of the picture. Vietnam might be a consideration and we are still researching. We have 195,000 frequent flyer miles, so we can now fly anywhere in the world for free, so let's make it a good place!

I completed my first layout page for my 101 Things scrapbook - "No Pain". I will have to post a picture later, but I am pleased (mostly) with the way it turned out. It is not embellished at all and I think it needs something, I just don't know what. Next I've turned to some photos from our climb up Mt. Yale on the 4th of July, 2008. For my mountain climb pictures, I usually scrap in green, blue or brown based on the scenery, but this time I choose red, white and blue for the date! Well, the white is tan, but you get the picture! I plan to finish that one up tomorrow when Dan is at work, so I should have pictures of that one soon as well. Finally I'm back into scrapbooking and I'm loving it! I have such a mountain of pictures and albums to work on that it gets overwhelming to think about. But if I take it one day at a time....

Well, I really must get to work! Later!

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