Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

Spring was definitely in the air this weekend and I had a wonderful time enjoying it with my family! On Saturday, Dan let me have a shopping spree at Archiver's for my birthday! Since I hadn't been there since November, I was expecting to really see something NEW and I was kind of disappointed. Although I did manage to spend a few dollars, I didn't get anything that I was really wanting! I think I might do some additional Internet shopping and hopefully I'll find something to really inspire me!

After my shopping time, we went to my favorite place for lunch - Sweet Tomato's and we gorged ourselves on the healthy stuff! Then we browsed around Borders reading books on Thailand and China (beginning the preparation for our next adventure to Asia!) Afterwards some additional shopping, a fast dinner out and a Red Box movie with the family! It was a relaxing and peaceful birthday!

Today we spent the day at the ballpark watching the Rockies vs. San Diego. It was 72+ and sunny... prefect weather for a day game! And the Rockies made it worth all the sweat (yes, we were sweating) - they won 4-2! As always we had fun and can't wait to go back again this summer! Definitely for the Cubs series in late July and maybe a few more!

Thanks everyone who sent me wishes for my birthday! They all came true!

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