Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So much fun today!

What fun... I finally got to meet up with Toni, an absoultely wonderful, giving fellow scrapbooker that I've met through the CJ I belong to! We had so much fun today getting to know eathother! We definately have to do it again!

Toni lives in the foothills and took the long trek down to Castle Rock today to meet me for lunch! I had time to show her around my house and bore her with some of my scrapbooks! She brought me so many goodies, I do not know how I can repay her (but I will)! She even left me with some of her georgous cards that she's made giving me lots of ideas! Next time I will have to get a stamping lesson from her!

As part of her generosity, Toni took me scrapbook shopping!! That is always a great time for me! We went to a new store in Highlands Ranch called Scrapbook Destination. They have a lot of nice stuff and their store has penty of room to move around in. We found that we both LOVE paper and bought more of it of course! They are sponsoring a Crop in a few weeks and Toni and I might go. It's a full weekend at the Wyndham in the DTC (right by my office), so plenty of time to talk and scrap! That could be fun! She also mentioned that she will be going to a show in February in CA - maybe I'll tag along on that one too! I'm so happy I finally met such a talented lady around here! (Too bad I don't live in the mountains as well!)

I also got to go to HL - somepleace I don't get very often. The day ended way too soon as Toni had to get home to rescue her kids from the school bus!

Back to reality tomorrow and back to work... wah! At least I can work from home tomorrow - it will be my last day for a few weeks.


toners said...

You are so sweet :) Thank you for your kind words! And I am very proud of you for posting to the CJ group about your blog!!

toners said...

hey lady, you've been blog tagged! check out the details over at my blog :)