Sunday, September 30, 2007

ScrapPink crop

Yippe, what a great, productive weekend Toni and I had at the ScrapPink crop sponsored by Scrapbook Destinations!!! We spent all day Saturday and all day today together cropping! Toni blew me away with her speed – creating twice as many gorgeous LO’s YESTERDAY as I did all weekend!! Then she spent today stamping, coloring and creating the cutest cards!! (I wish I had the eyesight to do what she does - it is SO CUTE!) I did get a lot accomplished considering what a slow scrapper I am, which was great! I also learned a lot, not only from Toni but from other people as well! This was a great experience for my first crop… I can't wait to try it again. I'm sure I will do things differently next time - like take less and use up more!

We stayed up well past 2 a.m. last night giggling and learning all about each other! We were like 2 little school girls having a slumber party! We may be from 2 different places in the world, but we seem to get along great!! I think our families will also get along well!! The men and our daughters seem to have a lot in common! And I hear her son will be our entertainment!! I can't wait to see her oasis in the mountains - hopefully when we visit the elk will be dining in the backyard! I am happy I have a new friend who loves what I love - scrapbooking!

While I was having fun, apparently Melanie and her cousin had their own fun!! First Dan took them to the Rockies game last night where they watched the home team "BURY" the D-backs in a 11-1 win! They even got to see a grand slam! Then today when they had nothing else to do, they colored their hair PINK!!! It is in honor of Breast Cancer month, so how can I say anything? At least it's not my hair!! As long as they like it and don't mind the laughter, I'm fine with it!! Aren't they cute??

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Melissa Craig said...

Hi Sues,

Thanks for visiting my blog, but it wasn't me you met. It was my sisters Karin and Theresa. I'm in beautiful WV (has a different beauty from my home state of Colorado - CO has REAL mountains!!) I am so happy that my sisters met some really nice people at that crop. Some day when I get back to visit - we'll all have to get together and crop and stamp and giggle and eat chocolate!!!