Monday, September 10, 2007

Rainy day

I wrote a short post yesterday only to have it lost when the Internet went down - again! Yawn! I'm getting tired of the trees getting in the way of our line of sight to the bluff and knocking our Internet down. ERGGGGG....

On Sunday we were saved from too much work by the rain!! Dan did manage to get most of the repairs done on the camper before we had to quickly close it before the thunder started. I was pulling weeds - a very un-favorite thing to do, so I was thrilled that the rain came!! I do like green grass and hot showers though!

We spent last night at Mary's house celebrating her birthday with pizza and then a game of HORSE (basketball). The game was cut short when the thunder began again. I didn't win, but at least I beat Moira! Yes, the blind girl beat Moira! And both Dan and Melanie beat me!

We woke this morning to MORE rain - actually mist and fog. It was pretty cold too. I think Fall is on it's way - yippee! I've had enough heat for the year! The wet weather did make for a long, tiring day. I was glad when it was over. I've made dinner, prepared chili for tomorrow and now I'm catching up on emails. Next I have to work on my CJ. It won't be done for Wednesday since I do not have the pictures I need, but at least it will be started!

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toners said...

You've had a busy couple of days :) I felt right at home in the drizzle this morning when I was out with Tasha!