Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's Thursday...

I am very excited that Toni and I will finally get to meet next week!! We've done lots of chatting online and I know a tiny bit about her, but now I can finally "hear" her Scottish accent! I decided to take the day off so that we don't have to be rushed at lunch and we can spend "MORE" time talking about scrapbooking! I think she can teach me so much!! She is a DT for several companies now I think. I'm envious, but I don't think my skills are up to that. She has opened my eyes up to realize that there is so much more to the craft than what i see in my own little world! (And I don't see very clearly, that's for sure!)

The other ironic thing about Toni - she was also in HR!! Speaking of which, I chatted with Susan last night until my internet went down. She moved in with her boyfriend in the city! She has always wanted to be in the city, so that is fantastic for her! And Harrison is going to Lincoln Park HS! That's where Cindy goes! I think he's only a freshman though. She told me that Graham got re-married - that's cool! I miss my friends at CHG - I loved working there. I need to find a new carrer and fast!! SAHM sounds good!

I've been working on some greeting cards for the troops. I found this lady on 2Peas that sends cards to them and have been thinking about doing this all summer. I finally started making some cards so hopefully I can send her some soon. It's a good way to use up my scraps! And hopefully make someone happy!

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toners said...

Hey there! Just 5 days till Wednesday :) It'll be so much fun to hang out and talk about...everything!!

Have a fantastic weekend! Are you heading out somewhere exciting again? I hear the weather is going to be gorgeous!