Saturday, September 8, 2007

Housework, Shopping and Parties!

Today is busy with housework, shopping and parties! The best part will be the shopping - until the bill comes of course!! The worst is housework, but it has to get done!

Melanie and I are going to go to Kohl's and spend her gift card she got for her birthday. Knowing me, that won't be the only thing we spend!! Then we're going to Ski Rex to find her some skis, boots and poles... not that will be expensive! Hopefully it will be a fun day shopping!!

We also have 2 parties today - a kids party for Mary and dinner for BIL. A great way to blow the "Good Eating" habits!!

I got the latest CJ this week and now I have to think hard! It is "10 Things About Me". 4 things I can't live without, 3 things you like about yourself, 2 places you'd like to live and 1 greatest accomplishment! I'm so UN-materialist that I'm lost on the first one! What 4 things CAN'T I live without?? Geez, that's hard! I guess I'll just have to stop thinking so hard! I know one is Ted E., but beyond other's in my family, I'm lost. Someone else already used Air, Water, etc... so I don't want to copy there. I must figure it out by the end of today so that I can scrap it and pass it on to Toni when she's here on Wednesday!

OK, off to go shopping!

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toners said...

Have fun shopping! And thanks for sharing the CJ topic so now I can start racking my brains too....that's a tough one!

Right off the top of my head, I couldn't live without my TiVo! It's the only way I get to watch TV and not miss half the show, LOL!!