Monday, September 17, 2007

Beautiful morning!

Oh what a beautiful way to start a Monday morning!! Isn’t it amazing how something as beautiful as this sunrise sets the tone for the day! As tired as I was this a.m., I still managed to walk from the bus stop to the office this morning and was HAPPY doing it!! It’s always a good walk, especially when it’s cool! (1.75 miles) And the day went well, which is always a plus for a Monday! Nice that I only have to work until noon on Wednesday then I'm off the rest of the day!! Yippee!

Our weekend was very pleasant too! We did our last camping trip of the season (well maybe) up at Mueller SP. It is such a beautiful campground! On Saturday we spent a few hours at the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine learning about how the miners struck it rich on gold, silver and other minerals. We’ve been on the tour several times before, but they’ve changed it up, so it was still quite interesting! The kids really enjoyed the mine and they each took home a rock with small traces of gold or silver! Too bad it wasn’t worth enough to pay for the tour!

After the great tour, we took a drive down Phantom Canyon and found a very nice picnic spot! It is always fun to spread out the blanket and enjoy a nice lunch next to a creek! Phantom Canyon is very beautiful and I bet in a few weeks it will even be more gorgeous with the color changes! We were a wee-bit early for that!

On Sunday we packed up our camper for the winter. Boo Hoo! Well, if the weather is nice, we might just go out for one more weekend in October, but we just don’t know yet.

Grandpa is coming to visit on Wednesday! It’s been a full year since I saw him last, so I’m really anxious to see my Dad! Sure do miss him!

I need to finish my CJ before he arrives – so off to work on it!

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toners said...

Awesome photos! You guys are so busy :) I bet your Dad can't wait to see all of you either!!