Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 1 - We've Arrived

Our first day in London has turned out to be rather nice! Our flight arrived a few minutes early and we breezed through immigration rather quickly and on to baggage. There we waited a what seemed like a long time for Grandpa to arrive. Since his plane laded about 25 minutes after us, the lines through immigration were really long. We eventually met up and were on our way into London!

Our flat is very simple but very nice! We will get a great workout with the stairs up to the 3rd floor! The bedrooms are on the 4th floor which used to be the servants quarters! Yes, we're sleeping in the servants quarters! After a quick stop at the flat we walked over to the British Museum.

The British Museum was HUGE! You could spend days there and still not see everything. We saw what we wanted including The Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone is what allowed Archaeologists to decipher the meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphic''s. It was hard to get close with so many people hovering around. We also saw artifacts from Ancient Egypt, including mummies, Assyria and Mesopotamia. British Museum has the largest collection of ancient artifacts in the world.

With very little sleep in the past day, we headed back to the flat for a short nap before dinner. That was a very welcome event! We had a good dinner at a family restaurant in Russell Square and did a little grocery shopping before heading back to the flat.

Tomorrow we are off to Windsor Castle in the beautiful town of Windsor! Stay tuned for some more great adventures in London!


toners said...

Yeah! Glad to see your trip was smooth :) Aren't phone boxes cool?? I remember when red ones like that used to be everywhere, but over time they've been mostly replaced with icky plexiglass-type things - blech! (((hugs!)))

plg said...

Wow - I'm behind - didn't realize you had already posted so much. I'm enjoying the history lessons though! Things I didn't know -TFS Sue! Enjoy your vacation!