Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 5 - Westminster Abbey

This morning we headed for the Westminster Tube Station bright and early to see the Winston Churchill Cabinet Rooms and War Museum. For those who enjoy World War II history, this is a very interesting place. I was surprised that the bunker was not embedded deeper into the ground. It is amazing that it was never bombed! The exhibits in the War Museum were very high tech and hands on.

From there we headed over to Westminster Abbey, another very old church with lots and lots of history. We choose not to take the audio tour on this one, but wondered around on our own. The royal memorials throughout the church were very interesting. There are many Kings and Queens laid to rest in the Abbey and each one had a special little niche. There were also some wonderful displays of royal costumes that were over 400 years old! It was amazing at how they were still in such good shape. We thought the architecture was beautiful but overall I think my family enjoyed St. Paul's Cathedral more. I suppose they each have their own piece of history!

After we had our "inside picnic" lunch, we went back to the House of Parliament to see if we could go in and watch some debates. The wait was over 2 hours, so we decided to take a tube ride over to Piccadilly Circus and see what was there. We took a few pictures and then headed to a store that supposedly was selling Doctor Who stuff. It took us clear away from the Circus... The store was more of a toy store but Dan did find a Tardis to take home. We continued on to try and find the BBC store, but to no avail. After a long walk, we ended back at the flat where we took a brief rest and then went to dinner.

So far our vacation is 1/2 over. We have really done and seen a whole lot! Poor Dad has come home every evening exhausted! He is doing an awesome job at keeping up with us, so hats off to him! Tomorrow we are going to see Hampton Court Palace and Gardens. I'm hoping it rivals Windsor as that still has been my favorite spot so far!

Just 4 more days... :(

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