Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No camera...

Dan took the camera with him on his busines trip this week, so I can't take pictures of all the ATC cards I have made! Wah!!! I've got 3 more weeks of our challenge sitting here waiting to get photographed! I actually am ahead of the game now since I will be gone for a bit starting next week! I suppose that's a really good thing.

We were suppose to get snow this afternoon but it never materialized. Now they say it's coming tonight - we'll see! I'm going to be a weatherman in my next career - they can be wrong all the time and still have a job! They just have to look pretty! I'm working from home the next 2 days, so bring on the snow all you want - I have no where to go!!!

I am working on a very challenging CJ from Patti tonight. Can't give away her secret, but she is really making me work!!! It's fun though - really it is!! Really using my noggin'!

9 days and counting down to London! Oh do I need a vacation!

Night all!


plg said...

I feel your pain w/o a camera! Glad I finally got mine back.
Glad you're enjoying my CJ - that was what I hoped. Can't wait to see it IRL.
How many days til London?

toners said...

Still snowing here! Iain took Nattie to piano this evening and said he had to drive through a blizzard in Evergreen!

Looking forward to lunch and CJ trading on Friday! :)

Nancyroo said...

I wish I was going to London. Hope you have fun!