Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 8 - Bus Tour

We awoke from a very rainy night to SUNSHINE once again! We will consider ourselves very luck y to have 3 days with sunshine during our visit to London!

We decided to take the infamous "Bus Tour" of London today - after we have seen just about everything important in the city! It was good to learn a little bit more about some of the streets we've walked down, some of the buildings we've walked past and other such tidbits! We rode the yellow line, the blue line and a small part of the green line before getting back on the boat tour down the Thames. Disappointing though, there was no commentary on the river.

Midway through our ride, we stopped at "Ed's Diner" for a afternoon snack. It was very reminiscent of the 50's in the USA!

As we left the bus tour, we headed to find dinner and were caught in a magnificent hail storm! It even included some great thunder! We were looking for a fish restaurant, but ended up in a very nice steak restaurant to get out of the hail. It was a very expensive, but rather good dinner. After dinner we headed back to the flat once again.

With just one more day left in London, we have pretty much seen everything that we had wanted to see. The last 2 major things on our list are the London Eye and the Jack the Ripper tour, which we will conquer tom morrow. It has been a good trip, and somewhat tiring. I will need a vacation just to recover! Because our last tour is late on Saturday I don't think I'll get to blog again until we return to the states on Monday, so catch up with everyone then!


toners said...

Iain really enjoyed the London Eye :) I hope you had fun - and that you have a safe, uneventful trip back home :)

Anonymous said...
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