Monday, March 24, 2008

London Holiday Wrap Up!

We are home already and reflecting back on our 9 day Holiday to London.

It really went fast as we expected it would. On our final day in London, we took a spin on the famous British Airways London Eye! It was quite an interesting trip, that started out in the sunshine, moved into rain, then snow and we landed back in the sunshine! What a whirl-win in just 30 minutes! You barely even realize you're moving, unless you really watch the cars in front or back of you. The views are awesome - well at least when you're not caught in a blizzard! We could see most of the major attractions around London and tried to take a few pictures, but it they are not very clear. I would have liked a second whirl around the Eye!

We spent the next few hours wandering around London, doing a little shopping and having a long dinner before we headed off to the Jack the Ripper tour. The tour took us through the streets of the East end to hear about the story of the Whitechapel murders that occurred in 1888. The guide was very knowledgeable and you could tell was very interested in her subject. Although the night was cold, we all listened intently as she unfolded the story of the murders that were never solved. It was a great way to end our holiday in London! I think I will read some of the books she recommended - I like the everyday history of London!

When we returned to our flat on Saturday night, all that was left to do was to pack up our stuff and go to bed. We didn't buy many souvenirs (too expensive) and we didn't have much of a problem packing what we had bought.

We left the flat around 8 a.m. on Sunday and headed to Hethrow Airport - in the SNOW! Yep, it was snowing on Easter in London! We bid Dad farewell at the check in as we were on different airlines and had to go to different areas to check in. We had a bit of breakfast before going through security. We were selected for additional security - what a pain, but no problems as should be expected. Then we were finally in the air and headed for Washington D.C. When we landed, we collected our bags and went through security yet again! Then a 5 hour LONG layover before boarding a plane for Denver! Finally at 11:05 p.m. we touched down in Denver! It was a long way home, very uneventful and we were happy to be in our own beds!

We have one last day off of work (today)! We did our grocery shopping and are working on our piles and piles of laundry! The mail wasn't too bad, although Moira could have kept the bills for us!! Melanie did her homework and now we're all just relaxing, dreading the return to real life tomorrow! It's nice to holiday! Hopefully we'll do it again, really soon!

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plg said...

Glad you're home safe & sound - TFS your holiday with us in such a detailed manner. I felt like I was right along with you, but I'm not suffering from jet lag!!!