Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday!

Most people aren't happy when Monday rolls around... it means back to work! I'm just happy this time around because I only have 3 days to work this week (well now just 2) and then we're off on vacation!!!

This weekend was fairly uneventful. Dan had a rough time on Saturday getting home from business trip to MI this past week. His flight was cancelled out of Lansing but they took him to Grand Rapids and got him on a flight direct to Denver instead. He was about 5 hours late, but at least he made it!!! It put a wrench in our Saturday plans though and we ended up doing errands on Sunday instead. No skiing for me. WAH! I sure hope I can get a few days in when we get back before the season ends. The season ends sometime in mid-April, except for A-Basin which can stay open into July if the conditions are right! We have never skied that late though - I wonder what that is like!!

I got a haircut and color before the big trip! Maybe it will help me look younger in all the pictures we take?! One can only hope! Haven't started packing quite yet, but we are old pros, the night before is good enough!!!

I spent the weekend working on a surprise for my DN! Since she may be reading this, that is all I'll say! It really turned out cute and I hope to take some pictures and post them before I leave. Keep creative everyone!!


toners said...

Oooooh...just 2 days to go now!! :)

toners said...

Hey - just before you go on vacation - I tagged you :)