Monday, November 12, 2007

10 things....

that I have said or done that I am proud of (today's Two Peas blog challenge question):

1. moved my DH and DD to Colorado despite leaving the rest of my family behind in Chicago.
2. climbed 8 14ers (that's mountains over 14,000 feet)!
3. changed my diet and lost those "extra" pounds after suffering a heart attack 8 years ago. (And have kept it off!)
4. graduated 2nd in my HS class.
5. earned the honor of Outstanding Lt. Governor I-I District of Key Club.
6. saying "I do" at age 22 and being happily married for 19 years to my bf!
7. raising one very beautiful little daughter!
8. learned to ski (and love it) at age 35!
9. getting involved in scrapbooking and making a family "history" album for each member of my family!
10. having just a few ounces of the artistic talent that my mother had!

Have a wonderful night everyone!


toners said...

Awesome list! You have tons to be proud of :) Great job!

plg said...

Way to go Sue!!! I didn't realize you had the heart attack - WOW! You've got a lot to be proud of in your life. TFS

Maureen said...

Wow, that IS a list to be proud of! Good for you!