Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Our current challenge with the Seasoned Survivors is to create a B&W page with glitter! I'm not much of a glitter lover, so I'm taking the easy way out here! This page has glitter brads - it counts, doesn't it?! In the end, I'm creating 6 different pages because I'm not happy with any one LO - but they're all titled "LAUGH"! At least I have a theme going!!

We're off to the mountains tomorrow afternoon! The snow will be flying so the drive should be really fun! It's going to be COLD up there - upper 20's! BRRRRRR!!!! At least we'll FINALLY get to go skiing!

Happy Thanksgiving!


toners said...

LOVE IT!! Happy Thanksgiving to the three of you - have a safe and fun weekend!! (((hugs)))

plg said...

love the page Sue - I'm gonna "cheat" too, but I'm not telling how. You'll just have to wait til you get your pages!!!!

GSFan said...

I am covered with glitter right now! I worked this evening on my layouts. Debbie

Lisa said...

Love this page.