Sunday, November 11, 2007

Denver Ski Show

Well, it was 70+ on Saturday in Denver (and today it's pretty darn close), so there isn't much skiing going on yet. Well the resorts want you to think there is, as there are now 5 of them open. But if you look at the web cams (like Breckenridge), you'll find mostly rocks/grass mixed in with the white. It's not looking good for Thanksgiving weekend at this rate. Our tradition is to ski all 4 days that weekend, but we may be looking for alternative activities if the snow remains this scarce! Hopefully we'll get dumped on in the next week!! (How does that "snow" dance go?!)

So, since we could not go skiing this weekend, we went to the Denver Ski Show instead! They had booths from all the local resorts and from other places like Canada, Jackson Hole and SLC. There were also other vendors there as well. Moira won a hat that had headphones in it from some radio station! Keystone was giving away custom t-shirts - you pick the logo and the location and they printed it (for free)! And the kids loaded up on stickers galore from all over! A few good deals were had at the Colorado Ski and Golf sale but not by me. :( Before we left, the kids spent a long time climbing the rock wall (pic) - they loved it! It was a great way to get out for the afternoon and enjoy the day - even if we couldn't be skiing!

I'm off to organize my scraproom and work on something - don't know what! Maybe a special card for my friend Marlene's birthday coming up at the end of the month. No pressure - I've still got 19 days to get it there!!!


toners said...

Looks like everyone had fun! No snow dance going on up here....we'll get dumped on soon enough, I'm sure! LOL!

GSFan said...

Great picture. I want to see the page you scrap with it! Debbie