Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Sunday!!

We got home late this morning... early from our big T-day ski weekend! We had an absolutely wonderful time on the slopes, despite the lack of snow and runs open! (This is Melanie in Breckenridge!)
We got up to Dillon on Wednesday afternoon just before dinner to a very nice and inexpensive Condo that we rented from a very nice family! After settling in, we went out for some dinner and pre-Thanksgiving shopping at the sports stores. Dan got a great deal on a Spider fleece! Then we settled in for our first night before ski begins!!!
On Thanksgiving morning, Moira and the girls arrived (from Castle Rock) at the slopes of Keystone just minutes after us! We spent the day regaining our legs and switching off between the 2 or 3 runs that were open! They are in desperate need of snow that's for sure! When we were finally beat, we wrapped up our turkey day at Pug Ryan's for an awesome dinner!
On Friday we tried our luck at Breckenridge and found they had a wee-bit more terrain open for us to cruise down! Or at least it sure seemed like there was more variety! It was a bit more crowded and by 2 we had gotten tired of the lift lines, so we headed down the slope one last time and made our way back to the condo! After joining us for some chili, Moira and the girls headed down the mountain, leaving us to rest and relax!
On Saturday we decided to try our luck with Breckenridge again and found it to be VERY COLD! Say, single digits when we began the day and maybe 20 as the afternoon warmed up! BRRRRRRRRRR!!! They did open one more small run, which helped a touch, but we were still dodging newbies, waiting in long lift lines and freezing out buns off! We packed it in even earlier (at 1 p.m.) and headed downtown for some shopping! Hey, we didn't buy a thing, can you believe it? not even at the scrapbook store! Wow, what was wrong with me? Anyway, after an early dinner, we treated ourselves to Cold Stone before finishing up the puzzle back at the condo!
Unfortunately the crowds and repeat of the same 4 or 5 runs got to us this time and we decided today to pack it in early and come home! So back went on my computer when I got home and up popped 200 new emails! Geez, they're out of control! After weeding through them, I have decided to blog a little before getting started on the rest of my B&W pages. Or maybe I'll do a bit of x-mas shopping this afternoon?! Or finishing up my x-mas decorations! (You know I did put up the tree over a week ago!) Whatever I decide, it shall be relaxing I'm sure!!

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toners said...

Soooo...what did you get up to? Did you finish the decorating?

Glad to hear you all had so much fun :) And it was definitely CHILLY!