Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dad's birthday and the holidays!

Here is the card that I made for dear Dad for his birthday... always the carpenter theme for him!!! It's not bad - not my best - but not bad either! I always hate making MALE cards! If they can't have flowers, do they really need a card?
Well, the job stress has now begun. I don't like to talk much about work, but for the next 2-3 months I will have plenty to do and will be totally under-appreciated at the office. Open Enrollment should be moved to another time of year so we can ALL enjoy the holidays equally!
Speaking of holidays, I'm ready for Christmas! No, I'm not finished shopping, although I do have at least one gift in my stash! But I am ready to decorate the house! I love to see the tree up and all the sights and smells of the holidays! I think the weekend after this (before thanksgiving) we will get the tree up! Melanie has promised to help put the ornaments on this year! Yeah, right, we'll see if she holds true to that! And Dan has expressed interest in putting up the outside lights and our "Moose" this year! Yeah! Yippee! I hope it is a good holiday!
During our hike last weekend I decided we would try a new tradition this year on Christmas. I want to hike up to Castle Rock on Christmas Day! We can record it with pictures and document how the weather was. Then every year when we make our trek up, we can do it again! I think that will be fun! Hopefully this year it will be WARM!!! You never know in Colorado! That's why I love Living her so much!


toners said...

What a great idea :) And who knows how the weather might be? 60 degrees or 6 inches of snow! LOL! I love your Dad's card - very masculine!

plg said...

Family traditions - no matter what time of year - are the BEST! I love them. You go girl - it gives you something to look forward to every year!