Monday, November 19, 2007

Get to know ME!

Two in one night - BONUS!!!

I'd love to learn more about my blogging friends - here are some questions for you to copy and paste to your blog, and post your responses :) Enjoy! Here are mine:

1. Who am I? Sue - wife, mom, friend, benefits queen, occasional blogger
2. Who knows me best? My honey!
3. How old am I? 41
4. How old do I feel? 30
5. The most important thing in my life is... good health for my family!

6. I always carry... my glasses
7. Something I always do is... brush my teeth first thing in the morning!
8. I'm at my happiest when... relaxing in the mountains!
9. On a Monday morning, you'll find me... getting on the bus going off to work.
10. My favorite mode of transportation is... airplanes - they get you to great places fast!
11. My eyes
12. My favorite material possession is... my photos

13. To relax, I like to... scrapbook, watch mindless TV.
14. The town I live in is...small but growing, not a suburb but someday will probably be one.
15. What's my worst habit? yelling at my child

16. My guilty pleasure is... duh, chocolate!
17. When I look at someone, the first thing I see is...their hair style!
18. I think ....................... is beautiful. Raindrops falling on the trees!
19. One thing that I can live without is... large amounts of stress! (I need a little bit!)

20. One thing people don't know about me is... I can't color within the lines!
21. My life is... great - living every day as if it were my last because you never know!!

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toners said...

AWESOME post!! I'm almost overcome with the two posts in one day!! LOLOL!