Thursday, May 29, 2008

Canyonlands, the White Rim, Mesa Arch and Upheavel Rock

On Monday we got up early and made a wonderful breakfast to share with everyone before we headed off to Canyonlands for the day!

We drove to the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands where you get an awesome view of the White Rim! The pictures do not do this place justice as it is virtually impossible to capture the beauty of this desolate place! We took a short hike to Mesa Arch which outlines the canyon so well! It is yet an another amazing feature in this land! I would have waked across it but everyone was worried that the drop off on the other side was too dangerous! Since it was windy, I let them win! But how spectacular that was!

We drove to many look outs and admired the vastness of this district. Then we pulled into a nice parking area by Upheavel rock and had a nice picnic lunch! Tammi and Nestor headed home from here, but we decided to hike the path and see what the Upheaval dome was all about! It was very cool and best of all – the trail was empty! We took a nice rest before heading back down to the car and off to Whale Rock. At Whale Rock everyone pooped out! Too many miles on our boots apparently! (My knee was beginning to tire, so I was done too!) We just admired and headed back to Moab!We found a great ice cream shop and rewarded ourselves for a great hiking weekend vacation! From here we headed back to our (finally) quiet campground for a nice relaxing evening! Thankfully the place had cleared out and we were going to sleep well that night! Probably the coldest night yet, but definitely warmer than in the mountains!!!


toners said...

Yeah! Peace and quiet! Amazing photos too :)

Flatfish said...

Love the photos. I think I will have to go hiking there someday.

Debbie said...

Great photos!