Thursday, May 29, 2008

Utah or Bust?

This past weekend is already a blur, but here goes...

Friday was a somewhat typical Friday before a holiday at our office - 1/2 the people gone and very quiet! I had a few interviews scheduled and ended up batting 50-50 on people who actually showed up! I skipped out of the office an hour before it closed (well I did arrive a good hour before everyone else) and I headed clear across town to Dan’s office in Lakewood! First I took the bus to the light rail (train) and then grabbed another bus. That bus was suppose to get me all the way there but ended somewhere in Lakewood… I had no clue where I was! Thankfully the area was fairly safe – at least I was told the police station was across the street. Finally I got a bus within 4 blocks of his office! Whew!! Then I hoofed it down there, said my hello’s to his co-workers and pushed him out the door about 3:30! We were on our way to Utah!!!

Moira and the girls were joining us and she so graciously picked up Melanie from school on her last day. We were just a few minutes behind her on the highway and eventually rendezvoused in Frisco where we took on some gas and our kiddo! In Grand Junction we found a Burger King and had a quite bite to eat before getting back on the road. But before we could get on the road, we discovered that the 2 gallon jug of RED Crystal Light had tipped over and emptied all over the back of the car. Boy was I in for a beating… Yes, it is a LONG ride to Moab.

When we finally arrived, it was almost 10 p.m. We found our campground fairly easy, although it was a bit father out of town than we had hoped. Once we got into the campground, we could not find the host or our sites. They were so badly marked. No one seemed to be able to help us either. We were tired from driving and irritated. Finally Moira and Dan found the host and we discovered that first they changed out sites without telling us and then someone else took the site they had assigned to us! They squeezed us in to an area that was not a site and graciously refunded our WHOLE weekend camping fees! Wow, camping for free – you can’t beat that! Especially with electric hook-ups and showers! Of course, a commercial campground sucks and we were in for some fun days there!!!

When we set up, unpacked and checked out the back seat of the car it was well after 11:30 p.m. Almost all of Melanie’s clothes were now red. And in fact, she had no shorts or tops that weren’t red and wet. Oh great – imagine how angry she was! Most of them were brand new! Thankfully the laundry room was open. I grabbed everything and headed in there, collapsing on the washing machine as I cried. There was no laundry soap, only color bleach. I bought a box of that and hoped for the best. At almost 12:30 a.m. the washer was completed and much to my surprise almost everything looked clean! It was not red! Wow, did that make Melanie happier! I left them wet and waited for later that morning….

Utah or bust?

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toners said...

Yikes with the red Crystal Light!! But soooo glad it worked out after your tiring day!