Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fiery Furnace and Delicate Arch

Sunday got us up early again and in the park by 8:15 for a hike into the Fiery Furnace! (Don’t you just love the names!) Tammi and Nestor joined us for this hike. It takes you into a huge area of great rock formations that you can only go into with a guide or by permit! It is easy to get lost in there and the guide is great in showing you some of the hidden arches! There were lots of tight places to squeeze through and the kids had a ball climbing through a little arch! Even CJ went along on this hike with us!! The guide kept telling us we were holding him up, but we were just taking pictures! Besides, there were plenty of others who were slow on the trail! After 3 hours, we were happy to leave the group but wished we could stay inside the furnace and explore more!!

After a wonderful picnic lunch, we moved on to the hike up Delicate Arch! Now most people will recognize this photo – it is a national symbol for Utah! The 3 mile roundtrip hike gets easier every time we go! Even with my brace, I surged onward and upward and made it with only one short stop on the slick rock! You don’t see the arch until you reach it, which makes the hike even more spectacular! The arch is absolutely amazing! We were disheartened by all the people on the trail but had to understand that it was a holiday weekend! There was a line just to take a picture with the arch! At least people were orderly! We spent a long time up there basking in the awe of this monument! What a wonderful creation God has given us! There was no topping that that day!

So back to the camper we went… all 8 of us! We had another wonderful BBQ dinner and lots of s’mores! The campfire is always fun when we have lots of friends around it! Unfortunately as Nestor and Tammi left again for the night, the volume in the campground went UP, UP, UP! They were even playing Frisbee in the dark and hitting our car. Damn rednecks! I was not a happy sleeper!

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toners said...

Agh! Being kept from sleeping is one of the worst things :) What a terrific day otherwise, though!