Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going home and Hanging Lake

And on Tuesday our trip was just about over. We packed up the trailer and headed out of Utah for the long ride back home!

On the way though, we decided to stop first in Glenwood Springs for gas and then lunch! Can you believe gas was $4.19 a gallon?! What a crime! Talk about gouging! After a nice lunch at DQ we headed up the road for one last hurrah! We decided to climb up to Hanging Lake!

The path started out paved and flat but quickly turned uphill and I mean UPHILL! It was 1.2 miles and 1000 feet uphill! The up isn’t bad, but I was dreading the down! The trail is absolutely beautiful with the rushing water following the path all the way! It was fairly hot and I took a butt kicking on this one! (Me and heat do not like each other!) When we finally reached the top, I was stunned! This was the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen in Colorado! My all time favorite! It was so worth the climb! I would have liked to stay up there all day, but we still had 3 hours to drive, so down I went! That was the tough part. I made it fine, but the knee was begging for mercy at the bottom!!!

We arrived home about 7:15 on Tuesday! It was nice to be home but we are so glad we went away this weekend! Moab is a wonderful place – I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

So there you have it, my weekend in review!!! Want to come with us next time??


toners said...

What a great trip!! And that waterfall look gorgeous :) Great job journaling!

Flatfish said...

Gas in CA is now $4.39