Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Thanks ladies for all your bravos! It definitely helps motivate me to keep going! Today the PT was surprised to hear that I had gone hiking but encouraged me to continue! The knee continues to improve every day. It was a bit stiff today, but I'm coming down with a cold and they say that you can feel that in places that are weak. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since the operation! Boy how time flies! Finally halfway done with wearing the brace! Actually, I only wear it when I'm outside now on uneven ground. When I'm at home or work, I take it off and walk just like normal! No limping!!!

I'm really getting excited now! Our first camping trip of the season is just 3 days away! The weather will be warm in Utah - yippee!!! Let the season begin!


plg said...

I miss camping - I really do, but DH had enough of it years ago. We put up a pool instead, but now that's gone too.......I miss camping and my pool............LOL!

toners said...

Awesome job!! You are moving right on ahead with your progress...

I've never been camping, don't really have a desire to go camping :) LOL!