Sunday, May 4, 2008


This is the image of me and my BRACE that you will see for the next 6 weeks! But it's OK because I AM STRONG!!

Friday was a pretty good day. I worked for several hours despite not being able to get my leg under the desk! It was an awkward position, and after awhile my back hurt! I took a quick afternoon nap and was refreshed by the time Mel got home from school! Friday night went from good to tough though. We did our usual Friday night date with dinner and Wal-mart! I was strong and opted to walk Wal-mart instead of taking the motorized wheelchair! I am not that crippled!!! Anyway, after awhile, I just stood at the front of the aisle and told the family what to buy! When we got out of there, my leg hurt a bit (but still tolerable) and I was tired! Earlier in the day I had emailed my therapist asking if I could bend my leg at all and he never responded. I was so sad, I still could not bend it even slightly. The "kids" were making fun of my immobility and it got on my nerves. I ended up crying myself to sleep. I was happy to get into la-la land!

Saturday I awoke, did my exercises and headed to read email! Surprise, the therapist had written me back on Friday night - I just didn't see it. He said that as long as I could bend my leg 90 degrees and could keep it straight when I was laying down, I could add some bend to the brace!!! My life suddenly got a whole lot better!!! Now I could finally get into the front seat of the car, could sit with my legs under my desk and reach the bottom Velcro strip on the brace without straining! Wow, I AM STRONG!!

I spent the rest of Saturday putzing around the house! You know me, I cannot sit still!! I did some laundry, watered the plants and worked on an ATC swap! It felt so good to be closer to normal!! I am religiously doing my exercises 5x per day and cannot wait to get into the therapist again on Tuesday!

Today I plan to enjoy a little bit of the outdoors because it will be in the 70's! Don't worry Ed, my training for the 14er has just begun!!! You will NOT carry your little sister up there - she is STRONG and will do it all by herself!!! Happy Sunday everyone!


Debbie said...

You are amazing, just had surgery and you are running around Walmart! I bet you will be recovered before the typical 6months time.

toners said...

You go girl!! Woo hoo! Great job! We are all very proud of you - but of course there was no doubt you'd be up and about so quickly! :)

plg said...

I've been thinking of you all morning wondering how you've been doing? This post was great to read & I'm so happy & proud for you! You ARE strong - keep up the good work.