Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I went back to the office on Monday and boy was I exhausted when I got home!!! I felt really good all day while I was there and I took the therapists advice of walking around a lot... oops, probably too much!! Anyway, I really mastered the crutches while roaming the office floor, including how to carry things! Then when I left, I ventured off on the bus to Moira's office! Yep, I was able to climb up and ride the bus!!! I told you, I AM STRONG!!! When I got home though, I was exhausted and my leg was quite swollen! I spent just enough time in my home office to read my email and then up to the couch to relax! I was in bed before 10 p.m. - that's a crime in my eyes, but it was a necessity!!!

As has been the norm, I did not sleep very well. I don't like sleeping on my back and it's getting old having the legs elevated. And these compression socks SUCK! I can't wait to shed those!!! When I awoke today, I was tired and bummed but I went into the office again. At least I had therapy to look forward too. Therapy lasted about 2 hours today. They did an evaluation first, then stuck me on the bike! Yep, I can already pedal the bike! Then they added some additional exercises to my routine before hooking my leg up to this Popsicle maker! When I asked the therapist if I'd be able to climb mountains this summer, he said as long as I have hiking poles... I said, if you say yes, I'll BUY hiking poles!!! So maybe my Summer isn't shot after all!!! Just the first few weeks!!!

Last night I tried the saran wrap trick on my leg to protect it in the shower. It failed miserably, although the stitches didn't get wet thankfully! Tonight I thought I'd give it one more try! (The garbage bag is just too awkward!) Anyway, lots of saran wrap, lots of duc tape and I was DRY!!! What a relief! I can't wait to get these stitches out and have a proper shower!!!

So my adventure in therapy has begun and I just will keep reminding myself, I AM STRONG! Hey Ed, you won't be carrying ME up any mountain!!!


plg said...

Oh well - you can spend your 1st week or there abouts recouping in California!!! We'll take care of you!
Keep up the good work girl!!

toners said...

Awesome job! Keep up that great attitude and you'll be up the mountains in no time this summer :)