Friday, November 7, 2008


Today I am most thankful for the trainers at 24HourFitness who have helped me find several routines for my skiing rehab! Without watching all of them, I would be lost and probably would have quit by now!

I still struggle on the balance balls, but I am getting better! I know that Mike will be testing me on these, so I have to keep trying them! So between balance and jumping, I will be ready for that sports test!

My weekend plans include a day of scrapbooking with a friend from work. That should be fun. She is brand new to this hobby and I hope I don't overwhelm her on the first day! In addition, we have to pick up the ski boots we picked out for Melanie. They have been holding them for us so that we could use our coupon and save almost $50! Beyond that, not sure what else the weekend holds! What are your plans?


toners said...

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!

Abbott said...

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