Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ah, finally the day we celebrate as Thanksgiving!!! I had a lot to be thankful for this month and especially that day!!!

I'm sure everyone is waiting to hear if I actually skied... well DAH!!! Despite the horrible conditions, we headed over to Keystone and went to the top on the new gondola! I exited at the top, strapped on the ski's and pushed off - yeah I was skiing!!! I took a green, then a blue and then I was EXHAUSTED! (The Therapist was right, I need to work on that endurance!!) I then took a 2 hour rest! Well, it wasn't intentional... I was resting while Dan and Melanie went back to the car to get lunch. Then we got stuck talking to this couple and we were way too nice to break the conversation. Finally we got back out there - I took 2 more blues and was exhausted again! Geez... another break! This one lasted an hour... Dan was suppose to take 1 run, he ended up taking 2 and picking up a Texan who wasn't ready for the conditions. FINALLY I took my 5th run and ended it at the bottom - better safe than sorry, right??

So on Thursday I was thankful for...

  • My husband and daughter
  • Getting back on the ski slopes
  • Good health
  • My family
  • All of my dear friends
  • Having a job
  • A great Turkey dinner I didn't have to cook or clean up!

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toners said...

Good for you, taking it easy - I know that will have been hard for you!