Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday - SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW!

OK, we didn't quite get dumped on, but we did get a few more inches of fresh powder! And since I skied so sensibly on Thursday, was feeling so great, I figured a few turns wouldn't hurt! We drove to Breckenridge and found more terrain and LOTS more people! That's to be expected on Black Friday! Who wants to fight the malls where there is FRESH POWDER??

Once again, I skied sensibly taking only 6 runs, but with less rest in between. I did quit early but that was in part due to the long lines of people. I just didn't feel like standing in line for 45 minutes for a run! My knee did really well - I'm very happy for that! And I do have to brag that I didn't fall on Thursday or Friday!

And the best part after skiing is a warm, hot meal of chili! That was waiting for us at the condo and I was very happy for that!!!

As for the snow totals - 4 inches yesterday in Breckenridge! And can you believe, Loveland Ski Area at the Eisenhower Tunnel got 14"? That's amazing!

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toners said...

We got about 4" last night - it looks so pretty! Sounds like a fun time for you guys!