Friday, November 21, 2008


OK, so I don't drink beer, but I'm really thankful for the Smirnoff Ice that I'm drinking after a LOOOOOONG rough week of work!!! Pretty bad when you're thankful for a stiff drink!!!

I have a relaxing but busy weekend ahead! Here is my to-do list!

1. Put up Christmas tree - OK, I know it's kind of early, however we will not be here next weekend, so it's just right!!
2. Cleaners - get my winter coat cleaned
3. Decorate the advent calendar - oh, that one sounds like lots of fun!
4. Complete lots of pages for the London scrapbook - my days are dwindling fast to have it done and shipped for Christmas...
5. Work - from the office :(

I hope whatever you have planned, you have lots of fun this weekend!!!

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