Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a beautiful sunrise!

How can you not take a look at this picture and be thankful for the start of a beautiful day! Isn't it wonderful!!!

The other good news was my therapy appointment this afternoon. Mike said that he can perform my "sports test" in 2 weeks and he projects that I should pass without any problem. He gave me several new jumping exercises that I will be doing faithfully over the next 2 weeks to make sure that I am ready to go! With that said, if I can pass, I can ski over Thanksgiving Weekend! Maybe not all 4 days, but I'll take 1 or 2! Back to the gym tomorrow!!!


toners said...

Yeah!! Great job! And what a beautiful photo :)

plg said...

This is absolutely a gorgeous sunrise! I'm in awe of the beauty.
And congrats on the the sports test! You go girl.
You DO have a lot to be thankful for = I'm so enjoying this journey with you.