Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wednesday - RTD, Clear Skies and 4 days off!

Yes, Wednesday was a bear at work - I have to admit! Melanie joined me for the day since she was off of school. She managed to help with a scanning project and I really appreciated that. Unfortunately most of day was spent in meetings, so I didn't even see much of her. We did get to leave early and there is where RTD came in...

RTD helped me get to Lakewood so that we could meet Dan. It cut out 1+ hours of our commute!

Clear skies abound so that the drive up to the mountains was a breeze.

4 days off... can you believe it? Me neither! That is why on Saturday I've been sitting in the clubhouse at the condo for the past 3 hours working! If the Internet and this computer weren't so darn slow, I'd be done already! Drats!

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toners said...

This was a FAB long break!