Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday - First Snow!!!

Believe it or not, on Friday I was thankful for our first SNOW in Denver!!! Yep, we are a bit late in receiving it this year and although it wasn't much, it was great! Here I am at the bus stop enjoying the flakes!!! Believe it or not it was gone by lunchtime - how typical in Denver!

On Friday afternoon I got on a "jet plane" and headed to my old haunts... Chi--town! Marles and her hubby picked me up at the airport and took me back to their house! Along the way we picked up gyros from Wally's (pre-ordered of course - there's no waiting for anything in Chicago)!!!! It was absolutely YUMMY!!! I couldn't even come close to finishing all that food! Then we stayed up until 2 a.m. talking! Girls!!! What a great start to the weekend!!!

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toners said...

Staying up late chatting and catching up! What fun! :)