Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Green Light!!!

Today I am thankful for the GREEN light that my therapist has given me! It means that I can SKI next week! He said I'm between 85-90% back to normal and with continued exercise I will continue to improve as well! I have to concentrate on endurance - something I've never been very good at! I guess that will be my new goal in the gym! Not more weight, but more repetition! I'm going to take it NICE and EASY that first day (and second and so on) and take each run with caution! He even said moguls were in my future this season!!! I can't wait to get up on the slopes!!


Kati said...

Sue, I'm glad you get to go back to something you love so much! Just LOOK at all of those exclamation marks! ;) Walking.. heh, I have so much to be jealous of. Congratulations~

toners said...

That's AWESOME! I know how badly you want to ski!

plg said...

Awesome news Sue! You have fun next week on the slopes!!! This has been a long journey for you, but you've done great!!!!