Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday is OVER!!!

Today I am simply thankful that Monday is OVER! The next few weeks will be long and challenging at work and I'll just be happy as each one ends!

Here are another 10 from my 101 list...

  1. Become a DT
  2. Have a reunion with all my HS friends
  3. Organize my scrapbook space
  4. Get a complete set of Prismacolor markers (DONE)
  5. Scrap my Australia trip
  6. Scrap my London trip
  7. Scrap my Cancun trip
  8. Eliminate the pain in my left knee (DONE)
  9. Maintain my weight around 135 lbs
  10. Meet the members of the Seasoned Survivor CJ Group (DONE)

1 comment:

toners said...

Another great group from your list - and so cool that you have done some of them already!